Love for every family member

Love will always stay in every  family member’s heart.

I truly love my family.

My warm mother  makes my favorite mexican spicy chicken when I’m sad and her face always has a happy look on it.

A glorious funny dad will bring memories to my heart and my loving little brothers will always make me smile.

Love sounds like proud people, lots and lots of laughter, splendid +sweet voices, and many funny sounds.

Love will always feel like magnificent friendship , soft lovely feathers, and nice, kind hearts beating.

The activities I do with my loving family members are wonderful reading, colorful drawings, warm hugs, scary movies, eating tasty dinners, and having lots of fun looming.

Something special about my family is that the love  all happens with each-other.

Anywhere! Love tastes like adorable, tickilish baby kisses and yummy asian rice.

Blood red blooming roses, brown cinnamon, and sweet sugar all smells like love.

It moves like boats sailing, soft steps + swift dancing.

You can see that my family is “very” important to me.

They all make attachments to my heart.

written by: Bo-jools Goedegebuure

2nd grade language conversion

7 thoughts on “Love for every family member

  1. Dear Bo-Jools,

    What splendid lovefull poem you wrote.
    I became so proud reading it!

    Love from Oma Henny and Opa Rob

  2. Lieve Jools,
    Ik heb je gedicht uitgeprint en opgehangen in mijn toilet!! Daar kunnen al mijn familie en vrienden op hun gemak lezen wat ” echte” liefde met je kan doen! Hier kunnen nog veel mensen van leren, lieffie, iedere dag brengt wel iets liefs voort!
    Ik ga van de zomer weer ons ” kusjesdoosje” met jou goed vullen, dag lieve schat, oma Jom

  3. Dear Bo-Jools,
    my heart jumped like a little pony in spring when winter is over and the sun is warm and sweatty for the first time and the meadwos look so promising and green. I loved your little poem. Words are the most colourful things on earth. And like actors they can change so very much. They can make you feel home like your granny baking this wonderful cinneamon apple cake and they can make sad or angry or other things. Words are fantastic. And good combined they are an endless source of joy in life. When I would have a wish in life free I would wish: keep on writing as it warms the hearts of other people. Even strangers you never met before. Like me.
    Many hugs from Hamburg, Germany

  4. When you were 3 years old we were sitting in a restaurant. Somebody, a stranger, observed you for a while and approached us and said “Your daughter is an old soul!” . I asked why she said this and her answer was: How she talks, so wisely and what she is showing to the world, doesn’t suit her age, she is many years older. I didn’t know what to do with this information at that time but took it as a big compliment towards you. In the past couple of years, more people approached me to tell me the exact same thing, That you are a beautiful old soul. It wasn’t until we stayed at famous writer, Victor Villasenor’s guest house, I really started to believe in this. Mister Villasenor, is a very special man. When we were leaving his property to go home he approached me to say : your daughter is a very special person, after thanking him for the compliment, I asked him why and he told me that that morning you went to feed his goats and he was in the yard, when you say him standing there you immediately said with no fear and total happiness: Good morning sir! When he looked in your eyes he saw somebody so sincere! I told him about the people that approached me over the last couple of years, telling me you are an old soul and he looked into your eyes and told me you really are an old soul, as you have a lot of gold in your eyes. This is true you have blue/greyish eyes with a touch of gold in the middle. Your father and I always knew you are extremely special, but all these people do agree with us…. the world is yours, my dear, take it, write, live, make mistakes, do it all

  5. So special ! Like all children !

    Thank you Bo-Jools , you can expres feelings

    Attachments to the heart, what a great line in a lovely text.

    Your mothers mother has an older brother and he is my father.
    Too bad he is not able to open up his heart…

    So it is even special your parents can !

    Family love from Holland

    Kisses Chris

  6. Hello my little darling Bo-Jools.
    You Grandmother and I are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    proud of you.
    “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” is an old song by the pop group The Beatles. I’ll play it to you when you come to Holland.
    Grumpy Grandpa.

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