3 thoughts on “Dinosaur according to Jools

  1. Lieve Jools, Wat heerlijk om al je kunstwerken te kunnen zien. De volgende keer dat je hier bij oma bent gaan we gezellig samen schilderen hé? oma loves you!!

  2. Hi Jools
    I have been in Glasgow with clients at The Commonwealth Games. I saw the Opening Ceremony, Gymnastics, Boxing , Athletics and the Closing Ceremonybwith Kylie Monogue. Everything was fantastic although its not always good weather in Glasgow and when it rains, as during the cycling road race, it really rains very hard.
    Missed you all very much and am so looking forward to seeing you, Deyan and Valy in Maastricht in a couple of days. We will make a really great little holiday of it.
    Give my love to Deyan and Valy.

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