all about me

My name is bo-jools and I am 7 years old.I love creativity and art . I make   lots of amazing things that many people’s eye’s get attached to .Things  that amaze me I usually make a new version of the painting ,story or what ever the thing is.My family tells me to tell people amazing words about me and the world.Thank you for visiting

Love for every family member

Love will always stay in every  family member’s heart.

I truly love my family.

My warm mother  makes my favorite mexican spicy chicken when I’m sad and her face always has a happy look on it.

A glorious funny dad will bring memories to my heart and my loving little brothers will always make me smile.

Love sounds like proud people, lots and lots of laughter, splendid +sweet voices, and many funny sounds.

Love will always feel like magnificent friendship , soft lovely feathers, and nice, kind hearts beating.

The activities I do with my loving family members are wonderful reading, colorful drawings, warm hugs, scary movies, eating tasty dinners, and having lots of fun looming.

Something special about my family is that the love  all happens with each-other.

Anywhere! Love tastes like adorable, tickilish baby kisses and yummy asian rice.

Blood red blooming roses, brown cinnamon, and sweet sugar all smells like love.

It moves like boats sailing, soft steps + swift dancing.

You can see that my family is “very” important to me.

They all make attachments to my heart.

written by: Bo-jools Goedegebuure

2nd grade